Strengthen your sales with promoters

A promoter or sales promoter is a professional who manages the location of your company’s products at the point of sale, congress or event. In addition, it is also responsible for being open to customer inquiries and demonstrating the product or service.

To achieve the success of a sales campaign it is very important to have the right promotional material, hostesses capable of answering any questions about the brand and a system that allows measuring how the campaign is developing. Therefore, promoters are a key element that can differentiate a successful campaign from a campaign that harms you.

Advantages of hiring promoters

Hiring promoters for your sales campaign can bring certain benefits to your brand. So, it is important that you know the advantages related to a sales promoter:

Campaign success: promoters are a key element to achieve the success of the sales campaign profitably. It will be in charge of presenting to the consumer the key characteristics and the advantages that the brand offers before the competition.

– Transmit positive image of the product or service: having a professional at the point of sale generates a positive image of the company. The promoter, in this case, will be the first point of contact between the client and the brand. Having a good professional with interpersonal skills and active spirit will make your brand benefit in terms of image.

Increase sales: many of the purchase decisions are made right at the point of sale. Therefore, it is essential to have people who know how to accompany your potential customer in the purchase decision.

– It is an aid for undecided consumers: a sales promoter will take care of helping, advising and influencing the purchase decision by giving detailed information about the product offered. Therefore, it is an element that can facilitate the acquisition of said product or service.

Data collection: one of the tasks that the promoter will carry out is to collect data from the point of sale, consumers and competitors. This will allow to have information to analyze possible weaknesses of the brand.


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