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Eventis puts at your disposal this transfer service. It consists of our team staff meeting and accompanying the guests or attendees of the congress, fair or event. In this case, our staff goes to the airport, port, hotels, etc. to pick up attendees and accompany them to the place where they have to go.

This transfer service is usually hired by companies that decide to organize congresses, fairs or conventions. It is usually very important for the assistant to feel accompanied at all times and not get lost.

The team of hostesses is properly uniformed and with some kind of badge of the organizing company, such as a sign with the company logo or the name of the event. Its function will basically be to receive the guests and welcome them, check that they have all arrived and bring them to their respective vehicles.

Characteristics of transfers

In this type of service our staff is able to generate a relaxed atmosphere, which will help guests to enjoy all the time without worries.

Transfer hostesses have the following characteristics:

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to adapt to different situations
  • Languages ​​especially in actions that are related to international aspects
  • Very natural

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