Hire figurants for your event

If you plan to make an innovative and totally original promotion or, simply, you are looking to organize an event adapted to each type of audience, we have what you are looking for. In Eventis we offer you a figurants service so you can surprise all attendees or customers.

The figurants will help to gain the attention of your attendees and it is very likely that you will be able to leave a mark.

Types of figurant offered by Events

Here are some of the members you can hire for your event, fair or congress:

  • Dolls: you can hire dolls both for the promotion of a product / service / brand and to make animations in any other type of event or party that you are thinking of organizing. Our team of figurants can carry out the activity indoors and outdoors. Always adapting to the characteristics of each client.

    We have a clear objective: to set up a good show so that the event or promotion is difficult to forget.

  • Clowns, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers: having this kind of figurants is essential for those events that children are going to attend. It is essential to have them distracted. For this reason, if you have our team of figurants you will keep the little ones happy and you will be able to make an unforgettable event. Therefore, parents will also enjoy seeing their children happy.

    Our members are professionals of the sector and, thanks to their charisma, they are able to connect with the smallest audience, making them participants in the show.

  • Dancers: we have a team of dancers capable of energizing the event. In addition, Eventis adapts to any type of fair, congress or event, creating the best scene that can be achieved.
  • Everything you can imagine, we can create it.


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